Ordering and Installation

Lyonstone accepts direct orders from anywhere in North America. Our goal is to insure your complete satisfaction with our products and services and to make the ordering and installation process seamless.

To place an order call our office to speak with our Design Consultant who will gather the information necessary to give you a quote on your requirements.

If you have the measurements from your existing fireplace, or from your building plans, we can send you, your designer or your architect a pdf Mantel Worksheet.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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12 Month Limited Warranty.vvvv

Lyonstone Designs Inc. warrants this product to be free from manufacturing defects and defects in material for 12 months from the date of purchase, subject to the following conditions. Lyonstone warrants that all Stone Mantels are fully non-combustible and contain no glues, adhesives or harmful off-gassing or toxic chemicals. ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, ARE LIMITED TO THE DURATION OF THIS WARRANTY. In all events, Lyonstone Design Inc.’s liability is limited to the cost of replacing the defective part or parts, as determined at Lyonstone Design Inc.’s discretion, and Lyonstone Design Inc. shall not be liable for any special, incidental, or consequential damages caused as a result of any defect.

This Limited Warranty does not apply to, and Lyonstone Designs Inc. assumes no responsibility for, damage or defect caused by the lack of installation of available fans or correctly installed heat shift features to reduce extreme heat at the firebox location. Colour and texture variations are considered part of the cast stone process and the colour may lighten slightly in some areas more that others. Non-structural hairline cracks may occur and are not seen as defects. Improper maintenance or modification to the product in any manner which increases its susceptibility to damage, intentional damage, or damage as a result of negligence by customer are also not covered under this warranty.

To the extent that any warranty exclusion herein is not permitted by some provincial law, the said exclusions may not apply. For information regarding this warranty, or for information on Lyonstone Designs Inc. contact customer care at info@lyonstone.com. To make a claim under this Limited Warranty for a manufacturing defect or a defect in material, you must notify Lyonstone Designs Inc. in writing, at the following address: Warranty Administrator, Lyonstone Designs Inc., 137 – 11568 Eburne Way, Richmond B.C. Canada V6V 0A7.