Fireplace Mantels

Pricing and Installation

A standard high end 60"- 72” wide cast limestone fireplace mantel should cost between $2500 to $4000 installed and delivered. All mantles should come with a minimum 5 year warranty against deficiencies in workmanship.

These costings are based on a 32”- 42” firebox width and a 6" - 12” mantel shelf depth. The average height of the mantle is usually between 49”and 54”. The common place addition of the television over the fireplace mantel has caused the height to be closer to the lower end of this range. This price would also include a set of up to 4 trim panels which are 1 1/2” in thickness for around the firebox opening. The hearth would be up to 72” wide, 12-16” in depth and 1 3/4” in height. Delivery, installation and sealing would also be included.

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Delivery is usually between 2 and 4 weeks from the official date of order depending upon the complexity of the order and the distance from Vancouver, BC. We also crate and ship to locations across North America. We welcome both commercial and residential projects of any scope or size.

When buying cast stone fireplace mantels it is crucial to ensure that the company you choose also provides their own in-house installation services. This avoids the awkward situation that arises when there are any issues with the out sourced installers regarding the final installed product. Casual installers can't be expected to be as experienced and proficient as full time specialized installers.

Only the manufacturer has the experience and expertise to know the qualities and tolerances of their product and only the manufacturer can guarantee a quick and expedient turn around if additional pieces or remedies are needed.